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More often than not, the paper writing services you can find online are so terrible that failing your exam or class doesn’t even seem such a problem. That is not to say that there are no capable companies, of course. There are.

SameDayPapers.com, however, isn’t one of them. And I’m not talking crazy. In order to rest my case, I’m going to present you my feedback on SameDayPapers and what it does wrong.

Same Day Papers in a Nutshell

For starters, you’re greeted on the site with a message from the company. “Hey there! Need any help with your paper?” No, I’m here to pick mushrooms. Needless to say, the bot was confused.

SameDayPapers offers any type of academic paper, from simple essays to reviews. You get no samples, so there’s no way for you to actually see if their papers are any good until you’ve ordered one. You do get a hint of how professional their writers are by perusing the content on the website, which is not devoid of grammatical errors.

The writers fill-out the papers with redundant information. 80% of the time, they don’t even have a thesis statement, and that alone can drop your grade considerably. Therefore, the quality of the work is less than bad.


SameDayPapers.com offers no coupon codes, discounts or promo code because there are no standard prices. The writers bid on your paper, and you’ll have to choose the one that is willing to write it within your budget.

It’s no certainty, but you might be able to negotiate the prices with the writers that bid on your paper. Keep in mind that some previous customers didn’t fail to warn others that the prices on this site are higher than in other places anyway.

Apparently, these purportedly start at $23.25 which is, indeed, incredibly high.

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As you might expect, the customer reviews on the SameDayPapers.com are all positive (and grammatically incorrect most of the times). They are evidently fabricated. Outside of the site itself, most customers bash Same Day Papers.

They complain about the sheer disastrous quality of the papers and the deadlines that are anything but respected. While SameDayPapers.com is no fraud or scam, it is definitely not worth your money or time.

My Rating

Even though my review is short, you can rest assured that I haven’t missed mentioning anything you might have wanted to know about Same Day Papers. There are hundreds of companies worse than this, it may be true, but that doesn’t make this fine.

First of all, the content on the site and the blog posts is really faulty, grammatically speaking. You get a sense of how your paper would look like just by scrolling down on the site.

I suggest you stay away from this service, or should I say disservice? Not only is it expensive, but also incapable of providing top-notch papers. Not a surprise that so many people decided to warn others not to order papers from here.

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