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HireWriters Review – Let’s Take a Closer Look

HireWriters ratings

Hirewriters.com has been in business since 2012, we learn from the copyright of the site, because what company needs to inform its customers on its expertise, right? As you can see, I haven’t even begun my review of HireWriters, but I’m already complaining.

HireWriters is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you go to hire freelance writers to write whatever papers you need at a particular time. And boy are you about to make a huge mistake! Let’s put the magnifying glass on this bacterium.

Everything Wrong with HireWriters.com

First of all, you should forget all about the “thousands of native English writers” part. You only get inexperienced ESL writers that are anything but native. Subsequently, the quality of the papers is disastrous. Many customers made it clear through their testimonials.

Hire Writers is one of those very few companies from which you receive a badly written paper even after you’ve sent it back for revisions. Hard to believe, but totally understandable. Writers won’t learn proper English as you read your paper and grind your teeth.

No matter what the subject of a paper is, it’s always written in faulty English. The composition leaves a great deal to be desired. This is not something students should settle for, considering a good paper can make the difference between passing or failing a class.

HireWriters services

The prices

Surprisingly enough, their prices are actually great. If the quality of the work would be equally great, then HireWriters.com would be a threat for other paper writing services. These, however, can rest assured they won’t have any competition in the near future.

A quite big pitfall is the total absence of a promo code, discounts or coupon codes. Hire Writers is no fraud or scam, but plummets once more to the ground. The lack of discounts is somehow justified by the fact that the prices are reasonable.

If there were any, the writers wouldn’t have made a dime.

Customer Reviews

Previous customers were angry that the communication between them and the writers that had been assigned to them was very poor. And obviously, so was the quality of the papers they got.

The most redundant complaint is the one concerning the quality of the work provided by this company. And, as I mentioned, sending a paper back for revisions won’t be of much help. Therefore, the rating from the customers is very low.


HireWriters.com has only one good thing about it: the prices. But, looking at what you get for the money you pay, even that tiny advantage seems to grow pale. I cannot recommend this service to anyone.

Hire Writers needs a lot of improvement to be a good service. Until then, just turn on your heels and run. Unfortunately, there are so many companies like this one that it would take a century of research to expose them all.

You can do your part by exposing those you’ve worked with, but they robbed you blind and offered you bad papers.

HireWriters review